Friday, 4 January 2008

Get those Curls Girls

Leona Lewis is the new beautiful singing sensation. She has the voice, the looks and most importantly to us the HAIR. Leona’s beautiful golden locks are the new hair-do that I’m sure we have all tried and failed to achieve. But with this hairstyle it’s important to get the curls just right and the secret weapon behind achieving Leona’s perfect curls is with the new curling tongs in from America called ‘HerStyler’.

The curling tongs are priced at around £85 and can be purchased from most hairdressers or large shopping centres.

The tongs are a hot rod that you simply tie your hair around and wait the tongs do the rest. HairStyler tongs are used by all professional hair stylists and are simple to use.

So, if your looking for the Leona Lewis locks then here’s your chance, it’s all in the tongs. I can guarantee that you will definitely have locks and locks of fun with them.