Thursday, 10 May 2007

Hair Accessories!

It's a Tuesday morning and once again you're running very late for your lunch date with the girls... You know that you only have 10 minutes to get dressed, do your hair and get to the cafe...

As you walk over to your mirror and look at the reflection starring right back at you, you know there is simply no way you'll be there in time!

You know what you're going to wear, but the only thing that you are almost 100% sure will slow you down is that head full of unruly hair that is screaming to be done!

Well, girl's fear no longer because this summers hair accessories are now in stock at all hair shops and accessory stores... And believe it or not they are all guaranteed to make any bad hair style good...

Accessories such as colourful head bands, glittery hair clips and grips are all you need this summer to help make your bland hair style have more impact! Not only are they easily accessible they are also cheap and very cheerful...

So next time you know you have a lunch date, you can afford to have that extra 10 minutes lie in, because with all the new hair accessories in stock this summer, your hair will look like you've spent hours styling it...

Oh and girls we can't forget to thank the website Handbag where I first discovered all the new accessories, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't know just how cool they actually are...

Why not visit their website and see what you think of it because I think it's so cool and it's definetely up to date with the latest trends....

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

For the straight hair girls

Ok, so you haven't got curly hair, and your not too keen on going blonde?

Well there's no need to worry because another colour that is HOT HOT HOT, this summer is auburn....

So all you girls that love Lindsey Lohan's sexy auburn look...

'Your luck's in' because auburn is another MUST have colour...

Similar to the golden blonde, auburn helps give your skin that extra glow, and as if that's not enough the colour will also bring out the colour of your eyes..

So even if your eyes are as dull as the colour of your hair, going auburn will definetely brighten up your life!

Even if you wanted to go a touch lighter than this colour it would still look great! The colour auburn will give your hair that nourished look whilst also adding volume to your hair!

So if your looking to spice up your hair and your life then go auburn and strut your stuff like Lindsey herself!

Go golden blonde for summer

Not sure what to do with your hair this summer? Bored of your dull, coloured hair and want a sexy but vibrant change?

Well here's your answer: GO GOLDEN BLONDE FOR SUMMER!

It's the in colour this summer especially if you've got curly hair and tanned skin....

Of course if you don't have either then there's no saying you won't look just as HOT! Plus with the temperatures set to be sky high this summer it won't be too long till you've bagged a tan...

But I must admit the golden blonde colour goes down a treat when you have tanned skin and a head full of thick curly hair..As the beautiful Shakira demonstrates..

Even if you don't want to die your whole head, the odd couple of streaks will still definitely complement the colour of your skin making you look brighter and more full of life in the summer...

And best of all the golden blonde colour goes with all those bright coloured dresses that we have all been longing to wear!

I know I'm doing it so why don't you?

Go on you know you want to...Just make a hair-dressers appointment and before you know it you'll be golden blonde for a golden summer!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Hot Curls= Hot girls

Somebody call the fire brigade because this celeb's on FIRE!

Kelly Rowland's long luxurious curls are enough to leave any boy with their tails wagging and their tongues out...

I'm sure Kelly's not fooling anyone with this hairstyle, (we all know hair doesn't magically grow over night)... but hey whether it's real or not it looks damn good and that's all that matters!

So it looks like Kelly's got the best of both worlds, her hair looks great short and long! But that's what comes with fame and money, not all of us can afford to have the best hair extensions put in.

But, the curls are obtainable and cheap!

All you need is either rollers or tongs and a little time and if you require it a good guide book on how to get your curls just right...

Before you know it your hair will be blowing in the wind and that particular wind will be blowing the boys in your direction too...Now what's easier then that?

Our rating *****

Great Hair day!!

If you're anything like me, how straight your hair is, is as important as:
  • Taking a shower everyday
  • Making sure your make-up is just right before your male company arrives...
  • Having the right shoes to match your new handbag
I think you get my drift....

Nothing as far as I'm concerned is more important than having dead straight hair...

I mean if it's supposed to be straight, then that's how it's supposed to be STRAIGHT!!

I'm not sure about you but I hit the roof when my hair that WAS straight when I first left the house is so big that even the the squirrels point and laugh...

That's when I discovered GHD, the hair straighteners they leave your hair straighter than a sheet of paper all day long...

Don't believe me, then try it for yourself and I guarantee you'll be given a restraining order from your GHD's before you can say BOO!

And the best thing is they come in all different shapes and sizes, so if you have those tiny little hairs that no-one can reach or even if you have the thickest hair going GHD's have the straighteners that will definitely cater for your needs....

So go on give a go!

Our rating: *****

Afro hair is in too!

For all you ladies who are lookin for ideas that will suit your Afro-caribbean hair, look no further... I have the ultimate hair style for you!

Many people who don't have long flowing hair, often feel like there are no exciting styles for their them to wear...

But have I got news for you?

AFRO'S are back and this time for good...

So get out that blow dryer and let your nautral beauty shine, because now you have something that all those people with long flowing hair can't have, no matter how hard they try!

Beautiful afro-Caribbean women such as Jennifer Huddson, who you may remeber from 'Dream girls' and mellow soul singer Macy Grey are two of many women that show just how sexy afro's look...

So girls take out those braids, wash your straightened hair and unleash the afro dragon, because it's this summers must have!

Friday, 27 April 2007

The original quiff hairstyle!

Maxine 20, from Chingford has definitely added a hairstyle MUST DO to our collection, with this elegant look..

If you're going for that subtle but stylish look then this is a definite do for you!

Although the hairstyle is just a simple half-up, half-down style you have to admit that the centred quiff does make it a real eye catcher...

I must give it to Maxine because from experience I know how hard it can be to get that centred quiff just right...damn those hair clips and useless spray!

Plus Maxine, unlike all those celebrities has done this fabulous do all on her own without he help of professionals...Now if that's not true diva then someone please tell me what is!!

Our rating: ****

Quick tips on to get this hairstyle:
You need strong hair clips and hairspray
If you want the same curly look tongs or rollers will be required

1. First begin by parting your hair into two sections (one half to be up and the other to be down)
2. With a comb part the section, which will be the quiff (a small oval shape at the front of your head should do the trick)
3. Twist the back of the quiff while gently pushing it forward to achieve that puffed out look
4. Using clips hold the quiff into place before putting the entire top half of your hair that you have sectioned off into a hair-band
5. Tong or straighten the ends (which ever you prefer) and then give it a spray with any hair shine to ensure the style holds its place...

And there you have it... it's as simple as that!!

You know you love it!

Regardless of what all the magazines have to say I think Victoria looks stunning with this blonde hair-do!

And despite what all the other female celebrities say..They love it too! (Hence the reason why Jade Goody and Sarah Harding have literally copied Victoria's hair-cut..)

Like I always say "jealousy is the best complement".

As some of you may or may not already know this hairstyle was inspired by the sixties icon Edie Sedgwick, who was recently played in the film 'Factory girl' by Sienna Miller.

For me this hairstyle is sharp and edgy giving Victoria that sixties sexy-boyish look! The cut brings out both her high cheek bones and chiselled chin, which gives her that high fashion model look, (which all the celebrities are dying to have!)

By choosing the colour blonde Victoria's choppy, jagged cut is more prominent, which I think makes this hair cut more exciting...

So to all you bitchy people back off because this hairstyle is HOT and so is the celebrity rocking it!

Our rating *****

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Simple but sweet!

This is no hairstyle to pop a bottle of your most expensive wine over, but it's cute enough for you to give a two second 'arhhhh that's nice'..

OK your time's up now!

If I can remember rightly this hair style also known by the hair critics as the 'Romantic curl up do' is no different to the look everyone at my high school prom back in 2004 had or shall I say tried to have. Even so it does deserve a mention.

Emmy Rosum, who most of you may know from her role in 'The day after tomorrow' and 'The panthom of the opera' , has her hair pulled back away from her face gives you a chance to admire her beauty.. Although simple at the top the long curls swept to one side of her shoulder gives her hairstyle that little bit of oomph...

If you're looking for that princess look than I happy to say this is the hair style for you...

Want to copy this hairstyle? It's easy enough and it doesn't even require a hairdresser..

Our rating **** (No points for uniqueness but it does look good)

Please don't try this at home!

If this were a fashion blog site I would explain to you all the reasons why an outfit like this is a definite no, no! But it's not this is a site for hair..So I will just stick to telling you how dreadful this hairstyle is..

From a distance I wouldn't blame you for thinking twice about whether Carmen's hair looks half decent, but when you’re close up there's no excuse for thinking this hairstyles a HAIR DO! That is unless you are partially blind!

I can't seem to decide whether I think Carmen reminds me of an alien in this picture with her 7cm forehead or a Barbie doll that's just been electrocuted! In other words this hairstyle is a MESS!

Carmen Electra is a stunning woman but no one can pull off just any old hair do...

It's obvious Carmen was going for that 90's super model look, but I am afraid to say it just won't do.. She looks more like Dot Cotton from Eastenders who's left her hair rollers in for too long, it's just too big and it does no favours for her wide face either...

No trend set here sorry!

Our rating * (she tried but failed, to pull off an iconic hairstyle, fare do's for trying though)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Oh Natural...

Got light brown, or blonde coloured hair? If so here's a secret especially for you...

Not sure who it was that originally though of this idea but I was told about it by my mum!

I have a younger sister who has mousy brown hair, with tints of blonde. But as she's got older the colour seems to have faded, looking more dull and lifeless than ever!

So when we were on holiday in the Caribbean last year my mum decided to try out a myth that she heard about brightening the colour of your hair...

Out came...wait for it..Lemon juice! That's right Lemon juice!

My mum sectioned parts of my sister's hair like you would if you were at the hairdressers getting streaks done and smothered it in lemon juice..

And I'll be damned! After a day in the sun her hair was lighter and brighter!

According to the myth the sun reacts to the citric acid found in lemon, and bleaches it lighter.

Don't worry it doesn't harm your hair and is a much better way of getting blonde tints without having to bleach it, which tends to dry out your hair, causing it to break.

So go on give it a go, but sshhhh remember it's a secret...

Hair product must have!

This is a product that I would definitely suggest you add to your shopping list asap.

Frizz Ease serum by John Frieda is this weeks ultimate hair must have...

After becoming mindlessly bored of curly hair I decided it was time for a change... Out came the blow dryer and the hair strengtheners and away went the mousse and Sun silk.

But I seemed to be missing one thing..A good hair serum!

Off I went to Superdrug and sitting there right on the shelf screaming for my attention sat every girl’s hair miracle.. Frizz-Ease serum for straight hair.

If you’re looking for smooth, sheek hair than trust me when I say this is the product for you....

After washing my hair I squeezed a small walnut sized drop of the serum into my hands and then evenly rub it into my hair from root to ends before blow drying and straightening....

And VOILA.... it's goodbye to that long straw like hair and hello to long, shiny, manageable straight hair without that dull frizzy look...

For those of you who have hair that explodes into an uncontrollable bush as soon as the wind or rain heads in your direction, then this is the hair serum for you, keeping your hair straighter for longer...

There are many different types of hair serum for straight hair named after this brand, but I must say the one pictured above is simply AMAZING!!!

Be kind to your hair and treat it to Frizz-Ease serum, especially if you are the type that grabs hold of the strengtheners every 5 minutes of the day just to "go over that one frizzy spot"...

Our rating **** (Why not give this product a try and let me know what you think)

Monday, 23 April 2007

Frizz-alicious! "Hair-Do"

Camara 10 from London is definitely giving Beyonce Knowles a run for her money with this head of hair.

Both girls have a head full of luxurious locks that gives them both that feisty, fiery look.

Although Beyonce's hair is much lighter with a golden blond colour put through it, it is clear that both girls have the same texture of hair, they're both thick and full of life.

To maintain hair like this is a great deal of hard work but he outcome of each hair style is worth the time and effort it takes to comb and style such thick hair.

While Beyonce's hair is bright and lively, with the colour adding an extra boost to the feisty look, Camara's dark locks emphasises her curls, giving her a more natural and fresh look.

I love the way that both Beyonce and Camara's hair looks, although I cant decide which I like best out of the two.

Beyonce's vibrant colours will give her a glow in the summer, working well with the bright colours and glistening sun, but Camara's will look extremely nice in the winter when wearing warm soothing colours like beige and brown.

For this reason and this reason only I can't decide which I like best but maybe you can, if so tell me what you think...
Our rating for Camara *****
Our rating for Beyonce *****

Friday, 20 April 2007

Soft like a babies bum

Shhh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret to getting smooth, shiny legs..

I know leg hair has nothing to do with the hair on your head, BUT I had to let you in on this little secret...Anyway, Hair is Hair no matter where it is on your body!

So ditch the expensive shavers and shaving foam.. All it takes is two simple things a decent shaver (as long as it isn't blunt any shaver will be fine) and some hair conditioner...Yes that's right I said hair conditioner!

Step 1: Cover your legs in a hair conditioner of your choice
Step 2: With your shaver shave in the direction that your hair grows (this is a common mistake women make as they think that that you should shave in the opposite direction to the hair, but in fact you should be shaving downwards...NOT upwards
Step 3: Rinse your legs off with luke warm water dry and apply some body cream

It really does work trust me.. But remember you should only ever shave in one direction NEVER keep changing the direction that you shave!

Hair grows

In case you don't know already, whoever it was that made up the rule of trimming the ends of your hair monthly, otherwise your hair won't grow because of split ends, was talking out of their be-hind!

It's NOT TRUE.... trimming your ends has nothing to do with how long or quick your hair grows. Hair grows from the roots not the ends so how does trimming your hair often have any effect on the length or speed that your hair grows?...

Now I'm not suggesting that you should go on a permanent 'I'm never going to trim my ends' strike, because then all you will have is a head full of hair that has split ends...
All I am saying is if you've been constantly trimming your ends and your hair doesn't seem to have grown an inch it's because it can't grow any longer no matter what you do! Some people's hair has what they call a stunt growth...

So next time you visit the hair dresser and she says.." I have to cut your ends, otherwise your hair won't grow" you can turn around and say "I don't think so love I've read the hair secrets so I definitely know the Hair Do's & hair don’ts

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Poor Cameron

I guess Cameron does have a valid excuse for why she arrived at the Golden Globe awards with this dull and effortless hairstyle.. To be fair it has only been a matter of weeks since the world learnt of her break up with sexy Justin Timberlake and I suppose it hit her hard! Literally.. |
Well it must have, that can be the only reason for genuinely thinking that this half attempt at looking good would really pull off!

Cam it doesn't take a genius or even a hair guru to know that black hair, red lipstick and pale skin doesn't go, unless you’re on your way to a Halloween themed golden globe awards, (which I'm sure was NOT on your invite)

If you’re in anyway considering winning Justin back your going to have to try way harder then this...Sorry to be so matter of fact, but the truth hurts!

Our rating * (only because you have a good excuse)

What on earth happend here?

Vanessa Williams what was you thinking? Strike that I think the real question is was you thinking at all!

It looks as though she's been dragged backwards through the forest and then hung out of the limo window on the way to the awards...

If she couldn't afford a stylist she could have just said and we could be a little more understanding if she arrived with a black bag on her head.. In fact I think that somehow that would have been better!

Whenever I look at this picture I can't help but cringe she should definitely never consider this hairstyle EVER again, especially if she wants to keep her rep for being named as one of the sexiest women..

Our rating -*

Princess Sienna

My oh my I must say that Sienna Miller sure did give nearly every other female celeb a run for their money with this stylish hair do at the Golden Globes award!

Although many critics slammed her hair style claiming she looks like a milk maiden, all I have to say is "good on ya' girl" she took a risk and totally pulled it off.... And most importantly she looked comfortable and happy to stand out from the crowd!

Sienna has taken a simple French plait and pulled it forward, so that it is almost like a crown at the front of her head, creating what I would call a unique Sienna style.. I'm not sure so much about maiden girl I'm looking more along the lines of Egyptian princess!

Looks like the Factory girl has a lot of thanking her stylist to do because I think this one's going to be a hair HIT!!

Our rating ***** (why not leave a comment and give your own rating)

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

This is definatly a "Hair-DO"

I think we have definitely found an Ashley Simpson match here...
Kirsten Stewart 19 has definitely given Ashley a run for her money with this sassy bowl cut hair do!

I must admit you have to be extremely brave to take on a hair style like this...With a blunt cut hair do such as this the individuals face is very much in full view and so therefore it often needs a strong face to successfully pull it off!

To be honest it does look as though Ashley Simpson is in fact wearing a wig here but nevertheless it does look good and is perfect for the Simpson event to prevent benefit, which she attended in New York!

Although there is a clear difference between the two girls hairstyles it is obvious by looking at the picture of Ashley Simpson that this is the look that Kirsten was looking for... With this hairstyle being a modern, up and coming look for this summer I somehow do not think these two will be the only ones sporting this hairstyle...

I must say that I do think this is a good look for Kirsten as it brings out her eyes and complements the rest of her face making it look slimmer, however I think that by adding some colour maybe a few highlights of whatever colour she most prefers, would defiantly give Kirsten a more fiery and prominent look, making the fabulous cut look a bit less bland...

However, I don't particularly like this hair style on Ashley Simpson as it does seem to add a bit of weight to her face giving her no justice what-so-ever, plus I think her blunt cut fringe is a little too long, covering her eyes, which I think is an important feature on a woman..

Our rating for Kirsten ****
Our rating for Ashley *** (Why not leave a comment with your own rating)

Aurivor Frizz-Ball!

It's a lovely summers day, the sun's out your outfits hot and nothing seems to be going wrong, well apart from one thing...the birds nest on the top of your head!

We have all had it..But boy oh boy have I got a new remedy for you.. SUN SILK Anti-frizz!
Oh yes the mop head days are finally over...

When I first tried this product I almost guaranteed myself that it would just be another one of those tried but failed hair products...but girls (and guys) this stuff actually works!!

And best of all its cheap costing only £2.59 for a 250ml bottle now if that's not a bargain for a miracle than someone please tell me what is...

The Sun Silk range contains conditioning ingredients such as Honeysuckle Extract, Borage Seed Oil & Silk Protein Complex to keep hair healthy, shiny & frizz free!
So, go on give it and try and let me know what you think of it..

Our rating for this product *****