Friday, 4 May 2007

Hot Curls= Hot girls

Somebody call the fire brigade because this celeb's on FIRE!

Kelly Rowland's long luxurious curls are enough to leave any boy with their tails wagging and their tongues out...

I'm sure Kelly's not fooling anyone with this hairstyle, (we all know hair doesn't magically grow over night)... but hey whether it's real or not it looks damn good and that's all that matters!

So it looks like Kelly's got the best of both worlds, her hair looks great short and long! But that's what comes with fame and money, not all of us can afford to have the best hair extensions put in.

But, the curls are obtainable and cheap!

All you need is either rollers or tongs and a little time and if you require it a good guide book on how to get your curls just right...

Before you know it your hair will be blowing in the wind and that particular wind will be blowing the boys in your direction too...Now what's easier then that?

Our rating *****

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