Wednesday, 9 May 2007

For the straight hair girls

Ok, so you haven't got curly hair, and your not too keen on going blonde?

Well there's no need to worry because another colour that is HOT HOT HOT, this summer is auburn....

So all you girls that love Lindsey Lohan's sexy auburn look...

'Your luck's in' because auburn is another MUST have colour...

Similar to the golden blonde, auburn helps give your skin that extra glow, and as if that's not enough the colour will also bring out the colour of your eyes..

So even if your eyes are as dull as the colour of your hair, going auburn will definetely brighten up your life!

Even if you wanted to go a touch lighter than this colour it would still look great! The colour auburn will give your hair that nourished look whilst also adding volume to your hair!

So if your looking to spice up your hair and your life then go auburn and strut your stuff like Lindsey herself!

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