Friday, 4 May 2007

Afro hair is in too!

For all you ladies who are lookin for ideas that will suit your Afro-caribbean hair, look no further... I have the ultimate hair style for you!

Many people who don't have long flowing hair, often feel like there are no exciting styles for their them to wear...

But have I got news for you?

AFRO'S are back and this time for good...

So get out that blow dryer and let your nautral beauty shine, because now you have something that all those people with long flowing hair can't have, no matter how hard they try!

Beautiful afro-Caribbean women such as Jennifer Huddson, who you may remeber from 'Dream girls' and mellow soul singer Macy Grey are two of many women that show just how sexy afro's look...

So girls take out those braids, wash your straightened hair and unleash the afro dragon, because it's this summers must have!

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