Friday, 27 April 2007

The original quiff hairstyle!

Maxine 20, from Chingford has definitely added a hairstyle MUST DO to our collection, with this elegant look..

If you're going for that subtle but stylish look then this is a definite do for you!

Although the hairstyle is just a simple half-up, half-down style you have to admit that the centred quiff does make it a real eye catcher...

I must give it to Maxine because from experience I know how hard it can be to get that centred quiff just right...damn those hair clips and useless spray!

Plus Maxine, unlike all those celebrities has done this fabulous do all on her own without he help of professionals...Now if that's not true diva then someone please tell me what is!!

Our rating: ****

Quick tips on to get this hairstyle:
You need strong hair clips and hairspray
If you want the same curly look tongs or rollers will be required

1. First begin by parting your hair into two sections (one half to be up and the other to be down)
2. With a comb part the section, which will be the quiff (a small oval shape at the front of your head should do the trick)
3. Twist the back of the quiff while gently pushing it forward to achieve that puffed out look
4. Using clips hold the quiff into place before putting the entire top half of your hair that you have sectioned off into a hair-band
5. Tong or straighten the ends (which ever you prefer) and then give it a spray with any hair shine to ensure the style holds its place...

And there you have it... it's as simple as that!!

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