Monday, 23 April 2007

Frizz-alicious! "Hair-Do"

Camara 10 from London is definitely giving Beyonce Knowles a run for her money with this head of hair.

Both girls have a head full of luxurious locks that gives them both that feisty, fiery look.

Although Beyonce's hair is much lighter with a golden blond colour put through it, it is clear that both girls have the same texture of hair, they're both thick and full of life.

To maintain hair like this is a great deal of hard work but he outcome of each hair style is worth the time and effort it takes to comb and style such thick hair.

While Beyonce's hair is bright and lively, with the colour adding an extra boost to the feisty look, Camara's dark locks emphasises her curls, giving her a more natural and fresh look.

I love the way that both Beyonce and Camara's hair looks, although I cant decide which I like best out of the two.

Beyonce's vibrant colours will give her a glow in the summer, working well with the bright colours and glistening sun, but Camara's will look extremely nice in the winter when wearing warm soothing colours like beige and brown.

For this reason and this reason only I can't decide which I like best but maybe you can, if so tell me what you think...
Our rating for Camara *****
Our rating for Beyonce *****

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