Thursday, 19 April 2007

Princess Sienna

My oh my I must say that Sienna Miller sure did give nearly every other female celeb a run for their money with this stylish hair do at the Golden Globes award!

Although many critics slammed her hair style claiming she looks like a milk maiden, all I have to say is "good on ya' girl" she took a risk and totally pulled it off.... And most importantly she looked comfortable and happy to stand out from the crowd!

Sienna has taken a simple French plait and pulled it forward, so that it is almost like a crown at the front of her head, creating what I would call a unique Sienna style.. I'm not sure so much about maiden girl I'm looking more along the lines of Egyptian princess!

Looks like the Factory girl has a lot of thanking her stylist to do because I think this one's going to be a hair HIT!!

Our rating ***** (why not leave a comment and give your own rating)

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