Thursday, 19 April 2007

Poor Cameron

I guess Cameron does have a valid excuse for why she arrived at the Golden Globe awards with this dull and effortless hairstyle.. To be fair it has only been a matter of weeks since the world learnt of her break up with sexy Justin Timberlake and I suppose it hit her hard! Literally.. |
Well it must have, that can be the only reason for genuinely thinking that this half attempt at looking good would really pull off!

Cam it doesn't take a genius or even a hair guru to know that black hair, red lipstick and pale skin doesn't go, unless you’re on your way to a Halloween themed golden globe awards, (which I'm sure was NOT on your invite)

If you’re in anyway considering winning Justin back your going to have to try way harder then this...Sorry to be so matter of fact, but the truth hurts!

Our rating * (only because you have a good excuse)

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