Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Simple but sweet!

This is no hairstyle to pop a bottle of your most expensive wine over, but it's cute enough for you to give a two second 'arhhhh that's nice'..

OK your time's up now!

If I can remember rightly this hair style also known by the hair critics as the 'Romantic curl up do' is no different to the look everyone at my high school prom back in 2004 had or shall I say tried to have. Even so it does deserve a mention.

Emmy Rosum, who most of you may know from her role in 'The day after tomorrow' and 'The panthom of the opera' , has her hair pulled back away from her face gives you a chance to admire her beauty.. Although simple at the top the long curls swept to one side of her shoulder gives her hairstyle that little bit of oomph...

If you're looking for that princess look than I happy to say this is the hair style for you...

Want to copy this hairstyle? It's easy enough and it doesn't even require a hairdresser..

Our rating **** (No points for uniqueness but it does look good)

1 comment:

The Morbid Victorian said...

i like your blog, i think what you said about her hair is completely right, we should sit back and admire the hair lol
But i dont think i could get mine like that even if i tryed...
blog is good though