Friday, 20 April 2007

Soft like a babies bum

Shhh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret to getting smooth, shiny legs..

I know leg hair has nothing to do with the hair on your head, BUT I had to let you in on this little secret...Anyway, Hair is Hair no matter where it is on your body!

So ditch the expensive shavers and shaving foam.. All it takes is two simple things a decent shaver (as long as it isn't blunt any shaver will be fine) and some hair conditioner...Yes that's right I said hair conditioner!

Step 1: Cover your legs in a hair conditioner of your choice
Step 2: With your shaver shave in the direction that your hair grows (this is a common mistake women make as they think that that you should shave in the opposite direction to the hair, but in fact you should be shaving downwards...NOT upwards
Step 3: Rinse your legs off with luke warm water dry and apply some body cream

It really does work trust me.. But remember you should only ever shave in one direction NEVER keep changing the direction that you shave!

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