Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Oh Natural...

Got light brown, or blonde coloured hair? If so here's a secret especially for you...

Not sure who it was that originally though of this idea but I was told about it by my mum!

I have a younger sister who has mousy brown hair, with tints of blonde. But as she's got older the colour seems to have faded, looking more dull and lifeless than ever!

So when we were on holiday in the Caribbean last year my mum decided to try out a myth that she heard about brightening the colour of your hair...

Out came...wait for it..Lemon juice! That's right Lemon juice!

My mum sectioned parts of my sister's hair like you would if you were at the hairdressers getting streaks done and smothered it in lemon juice..

And I'll be damned! After a day in the sun her hair was lighter and brighter!

According to the myth the sun reacts to the citric acid found in lemon, and bleaches it lighter.

Don't worry it doesn't harm your hair and is a much better way of getting blonde tints without having to bleach it, which tends to dry out your hair, causing it to break.

So go on give it a go, but sshhhh remember it's a secret...

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