Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Please don't try this at home!

If this were a fashion blog site I would explain to you all the reasons why an outfit like this is a definite no, no! But it's not this is a site for hair..So I will just stick to telling you how dreadful this hairstyle is..

From a distance I wouldn't blame you for thinking twice about whether Carmen's hair looks half decent, but when you’re close up there's no excuse for thinking this hairstyles a HAIR DO! That is unless you are partially blind!

I can't seem to decide whether I think Carmen reminds me of an alien in this picture with her 7cm forehead or a Barbie doll that's just been electrocuted! In other words this hairstyle is a MESS!

Carmen Electra is a stunning woman but no one can pull off just any old hair do...

It's obvious Carmen was going for that 90's super model look, but I am afraid to say it just won't do.. She looks more like Dot Cotton from Eastenders who's left her hair rollers in for too long, it's just too big and it does no favours for her wide face either...

No trend set here sorry!

Our rating * (she tried but failed, to pull off an iconic hairstyle, fare do's for trying though)

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