Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Go golden blonde for summer

Not sure what to do with your hair this summer? Bored of your dull, coloured hair and want a sexy but vibrant change?

Well here's your answer: GO GOLDEN BLONDE FOR SUMMER!

It's the in colour this summer especially if you've got curly hair and tanned skin....

Of course if you don't have either then there's no saying you won't look just as HOT! Plus with the temperatures set to be sky high this summer it won't be too long till you've bagged a tan...

But I must admit the golden blonde colour goes down a treat when you have tanned skin and a head full of thick curly hair..As the beautiful Shakira demonstrates..

Even if you don't want to die your whole head, the odd couple of streaks will still definitely complement the colour of your skin making you look brighter and more full of life in the summer...

And best of all the golden blonde colour goes with all those bright coloured dresses that we have all been longing to wear!

I know I'm doing it so why don't you?

Go on you know you want to...Just make a hair-dressers appointment and before you know it you'll be golden blonde for a golden summer!

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